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Most simple way to get rid of back pain, joints pain and muscle pain. 

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Completely natural balm!

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This is why Flekosteel balm is so good:

​100% natural balm Flekosteel is a warming cream made to relax muscles and relieve pain in joints. It is sold around the world with many people who are satisfied with its effectiveness.

Regardless of the origin of the pain, Flekosteel balm is made to help in many conditions such as osteoarthritis, osteochondrosis, bad circulation, injuries and traumas. Since its components are natural herbal extracts, Flekosteel has no negative consequences and is suitable for everyday usage in young or elder people.

Flekosteel balm

1. 100% natural

Flekosteel is made of 100% natural ingredients which include boron extract, extract of different herbs, Callisia fragrans oil and cayenne peppers extract.


El uso diario del bálsamo Flekosteel puede aliviar el dolor, la hinchazón y otros signos de inflamación así como ayudar a iniciar el proceso de regeneración del tejido.

3. Flekosteel IS SAFE

Using Flekosteel balm is safe and cannot harm your health. All you need is to follow the instructions written on the package of the product.

Flekosteel: What is it made from?

flekosteeel  callisia

Callisia fragrans

This herb is a rare kind, known for its antiviral and antimicrobial features. Its leaves are used for treatment of various skin diseases, burns and joint disorders.

flekosteeel  pine

Pine extract

This extract is a super natural antioxidant. It is well known for its anti-inflammatory properties and it helps improve conditions relating to poor circulation and osteoarthritis.

flekosteeel  cajun

Cayenne pepper extract

This plant is medically validated for its therapeutic values when it comes to circulatory system. It encourages regeneration of damaged nerves and improves circulation.

flekosteeel  herbs

Herbal mixture extracts

Perfect mixture of herbal extracts known for their analgesic properties will help remove the pain of the affected area in a short period of time.

How to Use Flekosteel Cream?


Apply to dry and clean skin and massagge until the cream is completely absorbed.


Use Flekosteel cream on sore spot 3 times a day.


Do not wet with water first hour after applying the cream.

1. Aplicar sobre la piel seca y limpia y masajear hasta que el bálsamo se absorba por completo.

2. Usar Flekosteel para las áreas afectadas 3 veces al día.

3. No humedecer con agua 1 hora después de aplicar el bálsamo.

Meet people who used Flekosteel balm


45 años

Last few years I really had problems with rheumatism. As the time passed by the pain become unbearable and I had difficulties using my hands. I tried many kinds of products, both creams and pills but none of them offered relief until I decided to take a shot with Flekosteel balm. Regular massage three times a day and I felt improvement after two weeks. I have never been so relieved in my life, and would not exchange Flekosteel for any other pharmaceutical product. Try it, you won’t make a mistake!

Juan flekosteel experiencia


30 años

Hi, my name is John and I was an active tennis player, but a few years ago I fell badly which resulted in serious knee pain. I was regularly applying Flekosteel balm for a few days now and pain is gone. My advice for you is to use the cream for prevention as well, even if you don’t have problems and especially if you are engaged in sports. Don’t wait for the pain to start, apply this cream before you start your activity and prevent pain from even happening. You never know when pain can start. Best Regards!

Elsa flekosteel experiencia


58 años

If you only knew how much I suffered when the pain in my spine first appeared. Wow, my back hurt like it’s broken! My daughter was constantly bringing me some creams and gels, but none of them helped. That is until I found Flekosteel cream, when pain reduced greatly. If only I had found it sooner, I wouldn’t have suffered this much. This is a miracle and I will order new one as soon as this package is used.

Disclaimer: The results may vary depending on the individual characteristics of your body condition. The manufacturer does not guarantee the same results to all users.

Flekosteel: Shipping and payment

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